Saturday, March 17, 2012

March 2012 Update


Finally little athletics has finished for the season with Club Championships.  Little caitie has improved in so many ways including her confidence.  The extra training has done wonders for her techniques and enjoying bringing home a few medals herself instead of just watching her sister get them.


gorgeous family wedding.  A friday wedding was something different to the normal but a great excuse for not working.  Jo is my husbands neice and she was our little flower girl for our wedding when we were married so many moons ago.  She is now all grown up and now married herself.


A wedding tomorrow and batteries to be charged but who could find what is needed in this mess.


Still can’t believe the amount of homework these poor year 7 kids get buts is amazing how a new desk in the room will get them motivated.


a really great day with friends hiking down the Otways.




Yes its straight – something you won’t see very often.  sometimes i wish i had more time to try this myself but using the frizz wins out.  too many curls to contain on a regular basis i think.

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